It’s all in the details for Stittsville’s style-savvy designer Jennifer McGahan

By Julie Beun | Photography by Tiffany Sanford

Perched in a patch of sun at the Stittsville Barley Mow on a Friday afternoon, designer Jennifer McGahan doesn’t sound very Canadian.

She is, of course — from her wide, honest smile to her cornflower blue eyes — but to hear her tell it, Canadian modesty just isn’t in her DNA.

“Nope, I don’t like to fit the mould. I like to push boundaries, and I have. I have a high-risk tolerance and I don’t do things like others do,” she says, with a mega-watt grin.

“Being modest is such a running theme in Canadian culture. That’s not me. I want to celebrate. If you have a success, let’s celebrate it.”

These days, McGahan, 43, owner of Jennifer McGahan Interiors has plenty of bragging rights. After starting her own full-service design and decorating company as a single mother in 2012 (“I was negative $100 in my bank account,” she recalls), she’s doubled business every year since and now has four full-time employees. This past summer, she also set up shop in a lush new office space, in a renovated heritage home on Stittsville’s Main Street…

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1495 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville
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