Unexpected Pairing


The dining room is at the centre of the home and is immediately visible when you walk in the front door. It needed to make a statement and set the tone for the entire house, while providing a welcoming atmosphere for special occasions when the client entertained family and friends. At a loss for where to start, particularly with furniture choices, the client turned to Jennifer McGahan Interiors for help.


A painting by the client’s grandfather was the inspiration for the room, which is a stunning contrast between modern and rustic. The earth tones and greys in the painting of the old farmhouse and the frame made from barn board found near the abandoned farm look perfectly at home in the room.


  • The contrast between the modern nature of the high gloss, white lacquer table and the warm, rustic wood finish of the sideboard creates an unexpected pairing and interest for the eye.
  • Beige linen on the modern dining chairs ties the look together.
  • Silk drapery adds a feeling of luxury and glamour.
  • Family heirlooms are matched with HomeSense accessories for a perfect finishing touch.


“My mother called me after our first family dinner in the new dining room. She told me that Thanksgiving dinner felt very special. When I asked her why, she said it was the lovely dining room. I was hoping she was going to say it was my perfectly cooked dinner!”
–  Andrea