Farmhouse Glamour


The large main floor bathroom in an old farmhouse was so cold, drafty and dated that the owner avoided it altogether.


The lure of the bathroom is now undeniable thanks to the warm and inviting space created by Jennifer which includes in-floor heating and a custom shower with a rainfall shower head. The centerpiece of the bathroom is an antique dresser that was refitted to create a glamorous vanity, which is complemented by two chandelier style pendent lights, hung from the ceiling. Shaker wall paneling adds depth and dimension to the wall and the neutral colour palette is both soothing and stylish. The finished bathroom is a beautiful space that mixes traditional elements with modern simplicity to create a room that perfectly suits the old farmhouse and the hardworking client.

“Jennifer is a lovely person to work with. She was quick with a smile and a nice touch of humour but was even quicker when it came to coming up with innovative design ideas.”